• 07/16/24: We are aware of the smishing scams regarding outstanding toll charges. The Mobility Authority will never ask for personal information via text and only send texts with account updates and to those who have opted in to QR Code Digital Billing and Electronic Invoices. Please do not click on links or respond to any suspicious messages. To get the most up to date information about your Mobility Authority account, visit or call us at (833) 762-8655. The Mobility Authority works diligently to protect our customers’ data.

Electronic Tag

What are Electronic Tags and How Do They Work?

Electronic tags are an electronic payment method that automatically pays for tolls as you drive on toll roads. Sign up for an electronic tag account with any of the tags accepted on Mobility Authority facilities (see the full list below). The tag provider will then send a tag that you mount to the inside of your windshield behind the rearview mirror. When you drive on a tolled facility, an electronic reader above the toll road will read the microchip inside the tag and cameras take a photo of your license plate. If you have an active account (information is up-to-date and sufficiently funded), the price of the toll will be debited from your account. If you don’t have an electronic tag or your account is not up-to-date or funded, you will receive a Pay By Mail bill.

The Mobility Authority currently accepts TxDOT’s TxTag, NTTA’s TollTag, HCTRA’s EZ TAG, Kansas Turnpike Authority’s K-Tag, Oklahoma Turnpike Authority’s Pikepass, Florida Turnpike Enterprise’s SunPass, E-470’s ExpressToll, and BancPass/PlusPass. The Mobility Authority is continuously working to become interoperable with other agencies.

What Could You Save?

You’re busy with life and paying your toll bill by mail takes time away from what’s really important. Paying toll bills by mail isn’t just a hassle — with higher toll rates, processing fees and other charges, it’s also more expensive. What could you save by leaving Pay By Mail in the rearview mirror? It may be a lot more than you realize …

Get an idea just how much money you could have saved driving on Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Roads in the past with our Savings Calculator below.

To see what you could have saved on toll rates, enter your license plate number and select a date range. Remember to calculate the time period in which you’ve driven the car tied to the specific license plate number you enter.

* This savings number reflects the difference between Pay By Mail and electronic tag payment rates for tolls incurred by the plate holder during the date range indicated. The savings number does not include processing fees or late fees. Savings displayed will reflect the most recent Pay By Mail account associated with the license within the selected date range.

The calculator allows you to see how much more you’ve paid just in the Pay By Mail program’s higher toll rates. It’s important to note that the total dollar amount from the calculator doesn’t include other fees, such as late fees.

The calculator above shows you the monetary savings, but the time and hassle saved is incalculable. The Mobility Authority creates mobility solutions in Central Texas to make your life easier, and we want the process of paying your toll bills to be the same, that’s why we accept multiple electronic tags on our roads.

Electronic Tag Options

Click on the logos below to learn more or sign up to receive your tag.

Learn more about payment options for Texas by visiting the corresponding website:

You can learn more about other payment options accepted on Mobility Authority roadways here:

Mobility Authority Registered Accounts

Avoid the hassle, sign up for a pre-paid account and save. Register for a pre-paid account and pay 33% off the Pay By Mail rate.

Drivers who use Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority toll roads but don’t want an electronic tag can choose to register for a pre-paid account and not have to worry about receiving Mobility Authority invoices in the mail.

Simply sign-up online or over the phone (512-410-0562) with one of our representatives and enjoy these benefits:

  • Receive discounted toll rates on Mobility Authority operated toll roads
  • Manage your account online
    • Add, change, or remove vehicles
    • Change or update your contact information and payment methods
    • View transactions
  • Tolls are paid automatically with your credit or debit card
  • Avoid administrative fees by signing up for E-Statements and text message notifications

How it Works

  1. Sign up online or over the phone
  2. Add $25 to your registered account
  3. Each time you take a Mobility Authority operated road, the toll will automatically be debited from your account
  4. When your account balance reaches $15, you will receive an alert to add additional funds
  5. Your debit or credit card will be charged $20 to replenish your account

Drive Hassle-free

Each month on your anniversary date (the date you signed up for the registered account) you will receive an account statement showing all transactions. Sign up for E-statements and text alerts and avoid the $1 processing fee.

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