• 07/16/24: We are aware of the smishing scams regarding outstanding toll charges. The Mobility Authority will never ask for personal information via text and only send texts with account updates and to those who have opted in to QR Code Digital Billing and Electronic Invoices. Please do not click on links or respond to any suspicious messages. To get the most up to date information about your Mobility Authority account, visit or call us at (833) 762-8655. The Mobility Authority works diligently to protect our customers’ data.

Traffic & Incident Management Center

The Traffic Incident & Management (TIM) Center is the heart of the Mobility Authority's intelligent transportation system.

The TIM Center affords us the ability to monitor our facilities via video and other technologies such as our wrong-way driver detection system, which we piloted on 45SW Toll. The TIM Center allows us to coordinate resources for incident management and maintenance, enabling faster and more efficient responses to accidents and other interruptions to traffic flow.
Team working in the TIM center with computers and screens
Traffic cameras and sensors cover the following Mobility Authority roadways:
183A Toll Shield 183A Toll Road
290 Toll Shield 290 Toll Road
71 Toll Shield 71 Toll Lane
MoPac Express Toll Shield MoPac Express Lane
45 Toll Shield 45SW Toll Road
183 Toll Shield 183 Toll Road

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Follow the TIM Center (@RMATIMCenter) on Twitter for traffic alerts about Mobility Authority open roads.

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