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Pay It Your Way

There are multiple options for how to pay your toll. The choice is yours.

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It's Here

The MoPac Express Lane from downtown to Parmer Lane is now open. Learn how it will change your commute.


Cutting Your Commute

Bypass congestion with the New 71 Toll Lane and save 25% on tolls with a TxTAG

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The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is the driving force behind preserving and enhancing quality of life in Central Texas as we evolve with the changing regional landscape, engage with the communities we serve, and protect the environment we all share. Learn more about our current and future mobility solutions.

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Did You Know?
The cost of your commute may be higher than you realize.

Discover the true cost by using the Commute Solutions calculator. Don’t like what you see? Consider leaving the driving to Capital Metro.

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Press & Announcements

MoveFWD Customer Service Training Program to Begin Oct. 1 at Austin Community College

(Austin, Texas)—The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority’s (Mobility Authority) MoveFWD Program is offering a training course for job candidates interested in the customer service industry. The 17-day, 100-hour course begins Oct. 1 at Austin Community College’s (ACC) Highland Campus, and scholarships are available to cover the full cost of the course. View Archives
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