• 07/16/24: We are aware of the smishing scams regarding outstanding toll charges. The Mobility Authority will never ask for personal information via text and only send texts with account updates and to those who have opted in to QR Code Digital Billing and Electronic Invoices. Please do not click on links or respond to any suspicious messages. To get the most up to date information about your Mobility Authority account, visit or call us at (833) 762-8655. The Mobility Authority works diligently to protect our customers’ data.

Payment Options

Payment Program

Pay By Mail invoices are issued to drivers who use Mobility Authority toll roads without having a valid electronic tag account or registered pre-paid account.

Electronic Tag

Electronic tags are an electronic payment method that automatically pays for tolls as you drive on toll roads.

Pay by QR Code

To pay your bill by QR Code, scan the code on the front of your Mobility Authority invoice. Scanning the QR Code will take you to a personalized secure payment platform.

Pay Online Pay your invoice online, check your account balance, sign up for electronic invoicing, or chat with a customer representative.

Pay by Phone

Pay your invoice using our automated attendant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Toll Free: (833) 762-8655 or Local: (512) 410-0562.

Pay By Mail

Learn more about paying your invoice by mail.

Pay in Person

Visit one of our several convenient pay in person locations or one of many participating stores to pay in person.

Exempt Vehicles

Vehicles with exempt plates are not necessarily exempt from paying tolls. State law, bond covenants and Mobility Authority policy limit toll free travel to the following: Emergency Vehicles, Public Transportation & Qualifying Van Pools, and Qualified Veterans.

Save up to 33%

Get an Electronic Tag

Want to save 33% on your tolls? Learn about the electronic tags that are accepted on Mobility Authority roads.

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