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Commuting Costs

What is the Cost of Your Commute?

The cost of commuting alone in your personal vehicle may be higher than you think.

Traffic congestion comes at a high cost to commuters in terms of fuel consumption, time lost and diminished quality of life. With the majority of us commuting to work or school alone in our personal vehicles, that expense continues to climb—and many of us don’t realize the true cost.

Enter your commute and vehicle information into the calculator below to learn your monthly commuting cost.

Consider the alternatives.

Interested in changing up your commute? You could save money, save the air, and save your sanity all at the same time.

You can carpool, take the bus, telecommute or travel to and from work during off peak hours. Discover all your options or find a carpool buddy at

Give Transit a Try with Capital Metro

Why fight traffic? GET ON.

Capital Metro buses and registered vanpools have toll-free access to all of our toll facilities. That includes 183A Toll, 290 Toll, 71 Toll Lane, the MoPac Express Lane, 45SW Toll and 183 Toll. In fact, Capital Metro’s MetroExpress bus service has been expanded to cover the MoPac Express Lane, with added trips to the routes that use MoPac. This allows more riders than ever to bypass congestion and reach their destination without delay. Visit Capital Metro’s website to learn more.
Capital Metro Graphic
Since the opening of the full northbound and southbound MoPac Express Lanes, overall transit ridership has increased by an average of 40 percent, demonstrating that many commuters are recognizing the benefits of the MetroExpress bus service. Commuter fares for MetroExpress bus service range from $3.50 for a single ride, to $96.25 for 31-Day Pass, with reduced fare options available for those who qualify. And that doesn’t even factor in the quality of life benefits enjoyed by those who use transit, who are free to spend their commute time catching up with friends or getting a head start on the day’s work.

Weigh the cost of transit against your calculated monthly commuting cost and see what savings could be in store for you by trying transit. How will you spend your commute? The possibilities are endless.

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