Central Texas has ten toll roads operated by two separate transportation agencies: The Mobility Authority and TxDOT. Each utilizes different billing practices and different billing cycles. Knowing which agency operates which toll roads will help you navigate the billing process.

Here is what you need to know to help you navigate Central Texas toll roads:

BILLING PRACTICES VARY BY AGENCY. The Mobility Authority and TxDOT each operate different toll roads, and each agency has different billing practices and different billing cycles. Depending on which toll roads you use, you may receive more than one bill during any given month. 

TxDOT recently capped the fines and fees assessed for non-payment of tolls at a low rate intended to cover administrative fees. This was prompted by a call from the Texas legislature following an increased incidence of errors by TxDOT’s billing vendor, which TxDOT has committed to correcting. The Mobility Authority differs from TxDOT in that our projects are not funded by taxpayer dollars, but rather by loans and bonds. This means we do not have the same flexibility to waive or cap fines and fees charged for habitual non-payment of tolls. Repaying our loans and bonds is critical to retaining the confidence of our lenders and investors so that we can continue to implement mobility solutions. In addition, we also use a different billing vendor than TxDOT.

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TOLL REVENUE STAYS LOCAL AND HELPS EXPAND OUR REGIONAL INFRASTRUCTURE NETWORK. The revenue collected when drivers use Central Texas toll roads does not go to Houston, Dallas or any foreign company. It is reinvested right here in the Central Texas region and enables the Mobility Authority and TxDOT to continue developing reliable transportation options that improve quality of life and get you to your destination faster. Because there is not enough public funding for TxDOT to build the roads our region needs with taxpayer dollars, the Mobility Authority utilizes bonds and loans to deliver needed infrastructure in a timely manner. Our investors and lenders are counting on us to repay that borrowed money. Maintaining good investor relations and protecting our creditworthiness ensures that we can continue to develop solutions that serve our region's mobility needs—now and in the future

WE ARE COMMITTED TO HIGH-QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE. Our goal is to foster transparent and robust customer relations. That means addressing issues in a timely manner, and correcting any billing discrepancies that may arise. Aligned with that commitment, we recently procured a new billing vendor to uphold the high standard of quality that our customers deserve. In addition, we undertook a multi-phased effort to improve our customer services and billing practices, including redesigning our toll payment website for ease of use, redesigning customer bills to make them easier to read and understand, and adding in-person cash payment options for those who prefer to pay their tolls in cash. We always appreciate your feedback. If we can make our bills easier to understand, please let us know!

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TAG ACCOUNTS ARE THE SIMPLEST, MOST COST-EFFECTIVE WAY TO PAY TOLLS. Customers with tag accounts have the tolls deducted from their prepaid account, and don't have to worry about fines or violations, as long as they actively manage their account, budget for automatic replenishments, and keep their address and payment information updated.


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