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To our valued customers: Our agency website, payment website and phone payment system were down for maintenance from 9/15/22 - 9/19/22 which prevented customers from making payments.

  • Non-payment fees that would have accrued during this time period were proactively waived for bills due 9/15/22 - 9/24/22 to accommodate for the down time.
  • Non-payment fees are automatically assessed when a statement isn’t paid on its due date. As some past due statements were already in the printing and mailing process, you may receive one in the mail. Please go online to confirm the fee waiver and review your current balance.
  • If a non-payment fee was paid during this time, any overpayment will be credited to your account and applied to your next invoice.

We anticipate high call volumes and recommend you go online to to view your invoice or make a payment. If you need to speak to a Customer Service Agent, rather than wait on hold, you can request a callback, please note we try to call back the same day, but call back on a first-come, first-served basis. Thank you for your patience.

Attention TxTag Customers: If you have received a Pay By Mail bill from the Mobility Authority since May 1, 2022, these charges are for transactions that were unable to post to your TxTag account due to issues with your account. To ensure resolutions with no additional fees, you will need to pay these specific bills directly with the Mobility Authority. To make payment, please contact us online at, by mail, or by phone at 1-833-762-8655. All inquiries other than payment should be directed to TxTag by calling 1-888-468-9824 or visiting their website at The Mobility Authority is not the owner/issuer of TxTag or any other electronic tag. Our customer service team has very limited access to TxTag's customer information. For more information, visit our FAQs.

Payment Options

There are several payment options for you to pay your toll bills

Payment Options Overview
Payment Program
Electronic Tag
Pay Online
Pay By Phone
Pay By Mail
Pay In Person
Exempt Vehicles

Roads We Manage

Our current system of roadway projects is designed to bring you faster, safer and more reliable drive times throughout Central Texas. These mobility options give time back to our customers so they have more opportunity to do and see the things they value

Toll Roads Map


Learn more about the toll rates of our toll lanes

Calculate Your Toll

Rules of the Road

Central Texas Tolling Made Easier

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Violations & Fees

If payment is not received by the due date, the tolls are converted to violations, and the violation enforcement process begins

Non-Payment & Court Information
Dispute a Toll – Exceptions for Paying a Toll

Toll FAQs

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