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Mobility Authority’s 290/130 Flyovers Project Reaches Second Interim Milestone Months Ahead of Schedule

Opening this weekend: Flyover bridge to provide free-flowing direct connection from northbound SH 130 to westbound 290 Toll

(Austin, Texas)—The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (Mobility Authority) will open the second of three flyover bridges under construction at the 290 Toll/SH 130 intersection the weekend of July 11. Drivers traveling from northbound SH 130 to westbound 290 Toll may use this flyover bridge for a free-flowing direct connection between the two roadways.

The Mobility Authority began construction of the 290/130 Flyovers Project in November 2018, in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation. The contractor, Webber, LLC, is being incentivized to complete the project on an accelerated timeline, accounting for the opening of the first south-to-west flyover roughly eight months early. Now the second flyover, originally slated for completion in late November, will open this month – another milestone delivered months ahead of schedule.

“As we begin to see drivers returning to the roadways, it’s all the more important that we continue to deliver forward-thinking and reliable mobility solutions,”  said Bobby Jenkins, Chairman of the Mobility Authority Board of Directors. “These connections help lay the foundation for economic recovery as we continue the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of our commitment to improving the reliability, safety, and connectivity of our region, the Mobility Authority is proud to deliver this second flyover, a symbol of forward progress in these difficult times.”

Early June toll transactions on the 290 Toll Road indicate a 38.6 percent increase in average weekday traffic since the region’s stay-at-home orders went into effect. Completion of these flyovers will help eliminate queueing of vehicles off the southbound and northbound main lanes of SH 130, and are anticipated to shift approximately 67 percent of vehicles off the southbound SH 130 frontage road and onto the new flyover ramps to westbound 290 Toll.

The traveling public should take note that the northbound exit located just south of US 290, now Exit 437A, will continue to provide access to the non-tolled US 290 frontage roads.

Northbound SH 130 drivers wishing to take advantage of the new flyover to the westbound 290 Toll will use the newly opened Exit 437B, located north of Blue Bluff Rd.

Southbound SH 130 drivers may take Exit 437B, located south of Parmer Lane, for direct access to westbound 290 Toll. Exit 436 and 437A maintains access for southbound SH 130 drivers wishing to exit and access Parmer Lane or US 290, respectively.

See map for more details:  

290 130 Flyovers Project Map

Both open flyovers connecting SH 130 drivers to westbound 290 Toll are tolled. The Mobility Authority accepts any of the following electronic tags: TxTag, TollTag, EZ-Tag, K-TAG, Pikepass, or BancPass. For more information on these electronic tag options, visit the Mobility Authority website: Tag holders save money on toll roads throughout Texas. Drivers with an active electronic tag save 33 percent over drivers billed through the Pay By Mail program.

The 290/130 Flyovers Project is on track for full project completion in 2021, and also includes construction of a non-tolled flyover connecting eastbound 290 Toll to southbound SH 130.

For additional information on the 290/130 Flyovers Project, visit

About the Mobility Authority

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is a local, independent government agency created in 2002 to improve the regional transportation system in Travis and Williamson Counties. The Mobility Authority implements innovative and sustainable transportation options to enhance quality of life and economic vitality in Central Texas. The Mobility Authority operates 183A Toll, 290 Toll, the 71 Toll Lane, the MoPac Express Lane, the 45SW Toll Road, and the 183 Toll Road. The agency is finishing construction of the 8-mile 183 South Project and the 290/130 Flyovers Project. For more information about the Mobility Authority, visit


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