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New U-turns to Open Between Montopolis Drive and SH 71

(Austin, Texas) – The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (Mobility Authority) is implementing an important traffic switch on US 183 between Montopolis Drive and SH 71 that will impact the traveling public. Beginning as early as January 12, 2020,* new U-turns at Montopolis Drive and south of Patton Avenue near SH 71 will open. At the same time the current U-turns at Vargas Road will close and the crossing at Thompson Lane will be eliminated, with the Thompson Lane traffic signal removed. In addition, the Vargas Road intersection at US 183 will reopen and access to Hergotz Lane will be restored.

The changes will be implemented in phases beginning at 6:00 p.m. on Sunday, January 12 and should be completed no later than 5:00 a.m. on Monday, January 13. During the transition, US 183 will be reduced to one lane in each direction between Montopolis Drive and SH 71. Drivers heading to Austin Bergstrom International Airport Sunday night and early Monday morning should be prepared for travel delays and may want to consider alternate routes.

Also during the transition overnight Sunday, Thompson Lane will be closed at US 183 and drivers will utilize a detour via Dalton Lane. Northbound US 183 will be closed at SH 71 and drivers will utilize a detour via eastbound SH 71. And, the southbound traffic signal at Montopolis Drive will be turned off and traffic will be directed by police.

Following the transition, drivers should use caution when traveling in the area between Montoplis Drive and SH 71 as everyone adjusts to the new U-turn locations and other changes to the travel lanes. The changes will have different impacts depending on which direction drivers are traveling and where they are headed.

Northbound US 183:

  • The right lane of northbound US 183 will become  “right turn only”  at Thompson Lane. Drivers wishing to continue north on US 183 should stay in the center or left lane.
  • Drivers going northbound will no longer be able to use the Vargas Road U-turn to reach southbound US 183. Instead, they will shift to the right lane north of Thompson Lane, continue north to Montopolis Drive and use the new U-turn there.
  • Access to and from Hergotz Lane will be restored.
  • The traffic signal at Thompson Lane will be removed.

Southbound US 183:

  • Drivers going southbound will no longer be able to use the U-turn at Vargas Road to reach northbound US 183. They will also not be able to use the left turn at Thompson Lane to reach northbound US 183 or Thompson Lane. Instead, they will use a new U-turn located south of Patton Avenue near SH 71.
  • Access to and from Vargas Road will be restored.

For more information, visit the 183 South Project website.

*Dates are subject to change based on weather and other circumstances.


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