• 07/16/24: We are aware of the smishing scams regarding outstanding toll charges. The Mobility Authority will never ask for personal information via text and only send texts with account updates and to those who have opted in to QR Code Digital Billing and Electronic Invoices. Please do not click on links or respond to any suspicious messages. To get the most up to date information about your Mobility Authority account, visit or call us at (833) 762-8655. The Mobility Authority works diligently to protect our customers’ data.

Mobility Authority to Resume Billing Declined TxTag Transactions

Dear Valued Customers,

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (Mobility Authority) has resumed billing transactions declined for payment by TxTag. TxTag users with an unfunded or inactive TxTag account who have traveled on Mobility Authority roads beginning May 1, 2022 should expect to receive a Mobility Authority Pay By Mail bill. Due to the volume of transactions, it is possible customers may receive more than one Pay By Mail invoice. As a reminder, TxTag is not owned nor operated by the Mobility Authority and the Mobility Authority does not have access to TxTag account details.

The Mobility Authority has been assured by TxTag that any declined transactions from their system are appropriate and based on this assurance, we have resumed Pay By Mail billing for such transactions on Mobility Authority roads. The transactions since May 1, 2022 on Mobility Authority roads were submitted for payment to TxTag, operated by the Texas Department of Transportation, four times over a period of several weeks and were declined each time by TxTag. This means the Mobility Authority has not received payment for these transactions and will now pursue payment resolution through our Pay By Mail billing process.

To make payment customers should contact the Mobility Authority online at, by mail, or by phone at 1-833-762-8655. All inquiries other than for payment, including inquiring why transactions were not billed to your TxTag account, should be directed to TxTag.

If a TxTag user believes a billed transaction should have been assessed to their TxTag account, we advise that they: (1) pay the Mobility Authority Pay By Mail bill; and (2) contact TxTag to ensure their TxTag account is in good standing. Toll transactions billed through the Mobility Authority’s Pay By Mail program cannot be retroactively paid through a tag account. These bills must be paid directly to the Mobility Authority. To ensure resolution at the lowest amount possible, and to avoid possible additional fees, we encourage customers to remit payment as soon as a Mobility Authority bill is received.

The Mobility Authority encourages all TxTag customers to log into their TxTag account at to ensure their account has a positive balance, the license plate is correct, a valid payment method is associated with the account, the correct tag is matched to the license plate, and the tag is valid (not labeled damaged or lost but still associated with the vehicle) to ensure their accounts are in good standing and avoid receiving a Mobility Authority Pay By Mail bill in the future.

The Mobility Authority anticipates call wait times will increase as a result of these billings. We would like to apologize in advance for longer-than-usual wait times and encourage customers to utilize the chat feature on the website, or to opt for the call-back option. If a customer wants to make a payment, we recommend using the secure online payment feature on

Thank you,

The Mobility Authority

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