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Mobility Authority Adopts Advanced Transportation Reporting and Incident Management/Prediction System

(Austin, Texas)—The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (Mobility Authority) Board of Directors unanimously voted to award a $600,000 contract to Waycare Technologies Inc. at the July 29 Board of Directors meeting. Waycare will implement an advanced transportation and incident management/prediction system on MoPac Express Lane, 290 Toll, and 45SW Toll by the end of 2020, and across all Mobility Authority toll facilities by the Summer of 2020. This service is part of an initiative to modernize the Mobility Authority’s toll and roadway technology systems, and to thoughtfully expand the use of technology to maximize roadway capacity.

The system works by collecting data from existing roadway sensors about travel speeds and potential incidents, as well as data from connected vehicles and smartphone applications about average speeds, harsh braking, harsh acceleration, and excess steering. The system uses this data, artificial intelligence, and algorithms to predict areas prone to congestion; identify locations where accidents are likely; identify actual incidents/crashes; alert traffic management teams; and alert emergency responders. Additional functionality includes alerting the traveling public through navigation applications such as Waze; social media platforms such as Twitter; as well as other platforms. 

This robust new roadway technology plan will augment the existing capabilities of the Mobility Authority’s Traffic & Incident Management Center to enhance incident detection and reduce response times. The cohesive system will also enhance communications with first responders, the traveling public, and support interagency communication with TxDOT, Williamson and/or Travis counties, City of Austin, and Capital Metro by allowing all parties to leverage the shared data. 


About the Mobility Authority

The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is a local, independent government agency created in 2002 to improve the regional transportation system in Travis and Williamson Counties. The Mobility Authority implements innovative and sustainable transportation options to enhance quality of life and economic vitality in Central Texas. The Mobility Authority operates 183A Toll, 290 Toll, the 71 Toll Lane, the MoPac Express Lane, the 45SW Toll Road, and the 183 Toll Road. The agency is finishing construction of the 8-mile 183 South Project and the 290/130 Flyovers Project. For more information about the Mobility Authority, visit


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