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183 South Project: Signalized Crossings of US 183 to Close Permanently

Bolm Road, TechniCenter Drive and 51st Street Impacted by Changes

(Austin, Texas) – The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (Mobility Authority) is permanently closing the signalized crossings of US 183 at Bolm Road, TechniCenter Drive, and 51st Street in early October as part of the 183 South project. The traveling public should be advised that the traffic signals at these intersections will be turned off and removed, and the ability to cross over US 183 will be eliminated, allowing US 183 traffic to flow without delay through the corridor at these locations.

To reach the other side of US 183 at these intersections, drivers will utilize the non-signalized U-turns at Springdale/Manor Road, FM 969 (MLK Jr. Boulevard), and Bolm Road during this phase of construction. When the project is complete, cross street intersections or non-signalized U-turns will be located roughly every mile along the 8-mile project corridor to balance traffic flow with convenience and local access, serving the diverse needs of the traveling public.

The Bolm Road underpass crossing at US 183 will close permanently to eastbound and westbound cross traffic as early as Oct. 5* to facilitate removal of the Bolm Road underpass bridge and construction of the new 183 South Expressway.  Northbound and southbound traffic on US 183 will shift to the frontage road lanes at Bolm Road. With the traffic signal at Bolm Road removed, traffic will flow continuously through the intersection and re-enter the US 183 mainlanes. With the exception of intermittent closures for bridge deconstruction, the U-turns will remain open during this phase of construction to facilitate local access. In addition, a temporary north to south U-turn will be located just north of Bolm Road. Click here for a map depicting travel impacts and detours.

The traffic signals at TechniCenter Drive and 51st Street will also be removed as early as Oct. 9,* and cross traffic will be eliminated, allowing traffic to flow unimpeded through the intersections. To reach the other side of US 183 at TechniCenter Drive, drivers will utilize the U-turns at FM 969 and Bolm Road. To reach the other side of US 183 at 51st Street, drivers will utilize the U-turns at FM 969 and Springdale/Manor Road. These changes will allow crews to finish constructing the general-purpose lanes and to begin work on the new 183 South Expressway lanes.

Also beginning around Oct. 9,* all US 183 northbound and southbound traffic will exit at FM 969 and travel through the signalized intersection before re-entering the US 183 mainlanes. This will facilitate construction of new non-tolled bypass lanes that will allow drivers to drive under FM 969 without stopping at the traffic signal or paying a toll. When the bypass lanes are complete later this year, US 183 traffic will be able to flow continuously from Manor/Springdale Road to Vargas Road without stopping at a traffic signal.

During the environmental study process for the 183 South project, various criteria were used to prioritize which cross streets would remain and which ones would be eliminated. As approved by TxDOT through the environmental study process, five existing signalized cross streets were identified for elimination and are being removed: 51st Street, TechniCenter Drive, Bolm Road, Vargas Road and Thompson Lane.

When the 183 South project is complete, non-signalized U-turns will be located at Loyola Lane, FM 969, near Harold Court, and at Montopolis Drive. These U-turns will, in most cases, allow drivers to reach the other side of the new expressway at least as fast as they do today, and in many cases, even faster despite added travel distance, because drivers will not have to wait at a traffic light. For more information about the removal of cross streets, visit the 183 South website.

*Dates are subject to change based on weather and other circumstances.


About 183 South:
The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is building a new tolled expressway with three lanes in each direction on an eight-mile section of US 183 between US 290 and SH 71. In addition, the Mobility Authority is reconstructing and improving the non-tolled US 183 general purpose lanes and adding $25 million worth of pedestrian and bicyclist facilities. The project will open in phases between 2019 and 2020, offering greater mobility for all users of the corridor.

About the Mobility Authority:
The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is a local, independent government agency created in 2002 to improve the regional transportation system in Travis and Williamson Counties. The Mobility Authority implements innovative and sustainable transportation options to enhance quality of life and economic vitality in Central Texas. The Mobility Authority operates 183A Toll in Williamson County, 290 Toll and the 71 Toll Lane in east Austin, and the MoPac Express Lane in central Austin. The agency is also building the eight-mile 183 South project in east Austin, and the four-mile SH 45SW toll road between FM 1626 and MoPac in southern Travis and northern Hays counties. For more information about the Mobility Authority, visit

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