Please note - this form is for Open Records requests, if you are looking for information on your toll bill or general questions, please use the Contact Us form. 

For more information about the Public Information Act, please click here for a summary fact sheet prepared by the Texas Attorney General. If you have questions about the Public Information Act, you may click here to link to the website for the Open Records Division of the Texas Attorney General, or you may call the Texas Attorney General's Open Records Division Hotline at 512-478-6736 or toll-free at 877-673-6839.

To request public information, please refer to the following requirements:

  • The request must be in writing.
  • Please clearly describe the public information you request, and tell us whether you want to review the information in our office, obtain a copy of the information, or both.
  • You must include contact information so we can communicate with you about your request and our response. We need at least your name and a telephone number where we can contact you during our normal business hours. Please consider providing us with as many of the following as possible: your mailing address, your email address, a telephone number for fax transmission, and any additional phone numbers where we can contact you. Understand, however, that with the exception of your personal email address, all information you provide to the Mobility Authority is itself public information subject to disclosure under the PIA.

Your request may be mailed, faxed, or hand-delivered, addressed to:

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority
Attention: Officer for Public Information
3300 North IH-35, Suite 300
Austin, TX 78705
Fax: 512.996.9784

You may also submit a request by electronic mail using the Public Information Request form below. Once completed and submitted, the form will be automatically directed to the Officer for Public Information, and is the exclusive method for submitting a request for public information by email.

Please note that any outstanding inquiries you currently have with the Mobility Authority may be delayed upon the submission of this PIA.

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