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Sue McClurg
700 Central Expressway, Allen, AL 75013
Scope of Work
NFLEXON® is a provider of tier 1 structured cabling products. The company’s executives spent over 20 years developing products for the SYSTIMAX® brand, driving cabling & application standards such as Category 6A cabling for 10GBASET-T, Category 8 cabling for 25G/40GBASET-T, OM4, OM5, single-pair Ethernet, and characterizing all types of cabling to support 2.5G/5GBASE-T and high-power 4PPoE. They leveraged that experience to build the NFLEXON structured cabling brand. Below are a few notables about our company: BICI Certified RCDD. Our largest customer is Verizon nationwide.r with HUB status with the State of Texas,

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