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McGray & McGray Land Surveyors, Inc.

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Chris I. Conrad, RPLS, Vice President
3301 Hancock Drive, Suite 6, Austin, TX 78731
Scope of Work
McGray & McGray Land Surveyors, Inc. is a full-service professional land surveying firm providing conventional, GPS, RTK, Terrestrial LiDAR, Aerial LiDAR, Mobile LiDAR, and hydrographic surveying services throughout the State of Texas. The firm has a proven record of working with design engineers on a wide range of projects, such as topographic design and boundary surveys of all sizes, facility and roadway design and expansion, design of utility facilities, tunnel surveying, bridge scour and flood plain studies, and construction verification and quality assurance surveying. With in-house GPS capability, the firm has provided high-precision positioning on hundreds of points for control and mapping and has provided plats, descriptions, and right-of-way maps on thousands of parcels for new ROWs, easements, and roadway widening projects for many different clients. McGray & McGray has several registered surveyors on staff with a variety of experience in all types of land surveying. As a Allterra reference station owner, we are one of the core members of the development of the Central Texas Area GPS Network. McGray & McGray’s overall mission is to create long term working relationships with satisfied clients by providing quality surveying services, on time and budget – in short, to be a competent and welcome member of the team.

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