The Mobility Authority’s Qualified Veteran Discount Program is limited to one (1) vehicle per qualified veteran except in the case of a hardship. A hardship exemption may be granted by the Mobility Authority based on the particular facts and circumstances presented by each applicant. If you believe being limited to one vehicle will result in a hardship specific to you, please include all relevant information supporting your need for a second exemption in the registration form on this page so that your application may be fully evaluated. Hardship allowances will be decided on a case-by-case basis.

For the Mobility Authority’s Qualified Veteran Discount Program, qualifying Texas license plates are disabled veterans and recipients of the Purple Heart, Legion of Valor and Medal of Honor awards.

Electronic tags are an electronic payment method; you mount the tag sticker on the inside of your windshield behind the rearview mirror and an electronic reader above the toll road sends a signal to the microchip inside the sticker. Then, the tolls are automatically deducted from your tag account, provided there are sufficient funds and your license plate information is up to date.

The Mobility Authority currently accepts TxDOT’s TxTag, NTTA’s TollTag, HCTRA’s EZ TAG, Kansas Turnpike Authority's K-Tag, Oklahoma Turnpike Authority's Pikepass, Florida Turnpike Enterprise's SunPass and BancPass/PlusPass.

Customers wishing to enroll in the Qualified Discount Veterans Program must have an electronic tag associated with the vehicle’s license plate and the tag must be properly displayed in the vehicle. You can click any of these links to be taken to the tag sites to learn more and/or register for a tag: TxTag, TollTag, EZ Tag, K-Tag, Pikepass, BancPass.

To be eligible, the Mobility Authority requires at the time of the transaction the vehicle must not have any outstanding Mobility Authority tolls. Cofiroute, our billing provider, bills in 30-day cycles, so you may not have received a bill for outstanding balances. Tolls incurred prior to successful registration in our program must be fully resolved to be eligible for participation in the discount program. Please contact Cofiroute at (833) 762-8655 or visit to address any outstanding balances.

Veteran Information

Vehicle Information

Confirmation Statement:

Program enrollment is subject to approval. Once eligibility is verified, you will receive an email confirming you have successfully registered your vehicle with the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority Qualified Veteran Discount Program. If you do not receive this confirmation, please contact us at [email protected] or call us at (512) 450-6317.

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