CTRMA Map Legend LEGEND CONSTRUCTION UNDER DEVELOPMENT OPEN TO TRAFFIC CTRMA Interactive Map Map of CTRMA Toll Lanes S a n G a b r i e l R i v e r S a n G a b r i e l R i v e r The 183 Toll is currently a 3.5-mile toll road along US 183 from US 290 to north of Techni Center Drive in east Austin. As part of the 183 South Project, the Mobility Authority is upgrading US 183 to a new expressway facility while preserving and enhancing the non-tolled lanes. Phase II of the project is slated to open in 2020, extending the expressway southward to SH 71. 183 South Project 290 Toll (Manor Expressway) Phase I & II. The 290 Toll Road is a 6.2-mile toll road that includes three tolled lanes and three non-tolled general purpose lanes in each direction from US 183 to east of Parmer Lane. 290 Toll upgraded the existing US 290 to a new expressway facility, effectively tripling capacity while preserving the non-tolled lanes. Phase: Open to Traffic. Project Cost: $402 Million. Project Length: 6.2-miles. Opening Date: Phase I (2012), Phase II (2014), Phase III (Anticipated Opening Date 2020). Speed Limit: 60 MPH. Shared Use Path: 5-miles. 290 Toll (Manor Expressway) Phase I & II 290/130 Flyovers project. The Mobility Authority will construct three direct connector bridges, or flyovers, between the SH 130 and 290 Toll facilities. These flyovers will give drivers a free-flowing direct connection and free up capacity on the frontage road intersection underneath the toll facilities for drivers who prefer the non-tolled option. Phase: Under Development. Project Cost: $130 Million. Project Length: Three direct connectors, or flyovers. Opening Date: 2020. Toll Rate: TBD. 290/130 Flyovers project State Highway 45 Southwest Project. SH 45SW is an innovative four-lane toll road being built on state property between MoPac and FM 1626 that will bring relief to the rapidly growing area of northern Hays and southern Travis counties. This project balances environmental sensitivity with new infrastructure to manage congestion in the region. Phase: Under Construction. Project Cost: $108 Million. Project Length: 3.6-miles. Opening Date: Spring 2019. Toll Rate: Approx. $1. Shared Use Path: 4.5-miles. State Highway 45 Southwest Project MoPac South Environmental Study. The MoPac Expressway south of Cesar Chavez Street is a vital artery in Austin for commuters, neighbors, and visitors. The Mobility Authority is proposing to add one-to-two variably-priced express lanes in each direction along approximately eight miles of MoPac south of downtown. The project was also the recipient of State of Texas RIDER 42 funds for project development. The Environmental Assessment is being prepared by the Mobility Authority with support from TxDOT. Phase: Under Development. Project Cost: $540 Million. Project Length: 8-miles. Opening Date: 2023/TBD. Toll Rate: TBD. MoPac South Environmental Study 183 North Mobility Project. The 183 North Project will add two variably-priced express lanes in each direction in the existing median along US 183 between MoPac and SH45, and widen the highway where required to bring the total number of general-purpose lanes to four in each direction. Other improvements include two new shared-use path segments near Pond Springs Drive, new sidewalks and cross-street connections for bicycles/pedestrians. Construction is anticipated to begin in early 2020. Phase: Under Development. Project Cost: $500 Million. Project Length: From Loop 1 to SH45, approx. 9-miles. Opening Date: Early 2023. Toll Rate: Variable. Shared Use Path: 1-mile (TBD). 183 North Mobility Project MoPac Express Lane. The MoPac Express Lane gives drivers the option to bypass congestion on the 11-mile stretch of MoPac from Cesar Chavez Street in downtown Austin to Parmer Lane by adding an Express Lane in each direction. The project was created as an effort to address the corridor's mobility problem and takes into account the needs of drivers, transit riders, pedestrians, bicyclists, and preserves quality of life for surrounding neighbors. Phase: Open to Traffic. Project Cost: $222 Million. Project Length: 11-miles. Opening Date: Fully Open to Traffic as of October 2017. Speed Limit: MoPac/Loop 1: 65 MPH. Toll Rate: Variable. Shared Use Path: 3.5-miles. MoPac Express Lane 183A Toll Phases I and II. The 183A Toll is an 11.6-mile roadway extending from northwest Austin through Cedar Park and Leander in northwest Williamson County. The project, which consists of tolled mainlanes with non-tolled frontage roads at the north end, has significantly improved travel times and reduced traffic on adjacent roadways, including US 183. Phase: Open to Traffic. Project Cost: $349 Million. Project Length: Phase I 11.6-miles (Expressway 4.5-miles, Frontage Roads 7.1-miles) Phase II Expressway (5-miles). Opening Date: Phase I (2007), Phase II (2012). Speed Limit: 75 MPH. Toll Rate: Discussions in progress on how to incorporate the toll rate table. Shared Use Path: 7-miles. 183A Toll Phases I and II 183A Toll Phase III. The Mobility Authority is constructing a 6.6-mile extension of the 183A Toll Road from Hero Way to north of SH 29 to improve mobility for residents of Cedar Park, Leander, and Liberty Hill. The project will add two tolled lanes in each direction primarily within in the existing right-of-way of the US 183 corridor. Construction is expected to begin in 2021. 183A Toll Phase III 71 Toll. SH 71 serves as a major corridor connecting drivers to the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport (ABIA), the city of Bastrop, and points beyond. The 71 Toll Lane project adds a toll lane in each direction along SH 71 from near Presidential Boulevard at ABIA and extending east near SH 130. These new lanes offer a free-flowing and reliable bypass route for through-traffic, especially during peak hour congestion. Phase: Open to Traffic. Project Cost: $140 Million. Project Length: 4-miles. Opening Date: 2017. Speed Limit: 65 MPH. Shared Use Path: 5-miles 71 Toll
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