Barton Skyway Ramp Relief Project

Project to add pavement for auxiliary and merge lanes on southbound MoPac at the Bee Cave Road and Barton Skyway entrance ramps. 

As of January 12, 2024, southbound MoPac has been striped into a new traffic pattern. The entrance ramps from Barton Skyway and Bee Cave Road now feed into a new through lane, and drivers entering from Barton Skyway have more space to accelerate before merging onto MoPac. Additionally, the left lane has become an Exit Only lane to southbound Loop 360/Capital of Texas Highway. Please drive cautiously as drivers navigate the new configuration. 

Construction Impacts

Travel impacts for the weeks ahead include the following: 

There are currently no planned lane closures

*All closures are subject to change based on weather and other circumstances.

Project Information

The southbound MoPac corridor near Barton Skyway in Austin is plagued by significant congestion issues. Improvements are needed to help alleviate the consistent bottleneck from traffic merging onto southbound MoPac at the Barton Skyway and Bee Caves Road entrance ramps. Current conditions cause backups to the Winsted Lane and Enfield Road entrance ramps and beyond.

Non-tolled improvements include adding pavement for auxiliary and merge lanes on southbound MoPac at the Bee Caves Road and Barton Skyway entrance ramps. This intends to alleviate congestion at Winsted Lane, Enfield Road, Bee Caves Road, and Barton Skyway, and improve travel time throughout the corridor.

Existing Impacts

Overwhelming demand for the southbound MoPac corridor near Barton Skyway has exceeded capacity of the existing configuration. Due to weaving associated with the current entrance ramp configuration, only 60 percent of existing capacity is being utilized during peak hour traffic. Drivers are experiencing unpredictable travel times and route delays.

  • Substantial traffic queueing occurs at Loop 360 southbound exit
  • Peak hour travel times are up to 38 minutes
  • Mopac ranked in the top 100 of Texas' Most Congested Roadways


The project improvements include:

  • Southbound auxiliary lane from Barton Skyway to Loop 360
  • Acceleration lane for the southbound Barton Skyway entrance ramp
  • Three dedicated through-traffic lanes at Loop 360
  • Dedicated left lane exit ramp for southbound Loop 360

Corridor Benefits

  • Improves travel time by up to 40 percent
  • Improves vehicle throughput by up to 47 percent
  • Serves an additional 770 vehicles during the afternoon peak period
  • Reduces traffic merging conflicts at entrance ramps


Estimated Cost: $10 million

Funding Source: Mobility Authority


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