Enforcement remedies under the policy include: posting the names of Habitual Violators whose vehicles have been banned, blocking vehicle registration renewal, prohibiting Habitual Violators’ vehicles on Mobility Authority roadways, and on-road enforcement of the vehicle ban. Subsequent occurrences of driving on the tollway in violation of a ban may result in impoundment of the vehicle.

How someone becomes a Habitual Violator:

Habitual Violators may contact the Mobility Authority to review all outstanding tolls and fees, correct any errors and arrange for payment to clear their status and their vehicle ban.

Under certain circumstances, the Mobility Authority may arrange payment plans as a courtesy to help customers resolve outstanding charges. Customers are encouraged to contact the Mobility Authority via its payment provider to make payment arrangements at (512) 886-0756.

For more information, visit the Habitual Violators FAQs

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