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Project Name Type Stage Key Date Value
Barton Skyway Ramp Relief Project PS&E Active Procurement

SOQ Deadline: March 18, 2021
2 p.m.

$5.6M (Construction)

183 North CE&I Active Procurement

SOQ Deadline:April 22, 2021
2 p.m.

$478M (Construction Cost)
183 North IECM Active Procurement SOQ Deadline: April 2, 2021
2 p.m.
$478M (Construction Cost)
Travis County Program CE&I Forthcoming Procurement RFQ Issuance: TBD TBD


Project Name Type Stage Key Date Value*
183A ITS Retrofit Maintenance Project Design-Bid-Build Final Design Letting anticipated for Mid-March TBD

*Values shown are for construction cost, not total project cost.


Type Stage Key Date Value
Underwriting Services Available Ongoing TBD


Type Stage Key Date Value
Notice of Upcoming Toll Systems Integration and Maintenance Contract Request for Information issued August 6, 2020 on CivCastUSA

RFI issued August 6, 2020; responses due August 20, 2020

RFP anticipated release: Early 2021

Notice of Electronic Toll Collection Integration And Maintenance Services Contract RFQ RFQ posted on November 18, 2020 on CivCastUSA Responses due January 12, 2021 TBD


Project Name Type Successful Proposer Award Date Value
183 North Construction: Design/Build Great Hills Contractors February 24, 2021 $477,149,654
183A Phase III Engineering: CE&I RS&H, Inc. November 17, 2020 $20,969,549
183A Extension - Phase III Project Construction: Design/Bid/Build Lane Construction Corporation September 30, 2020 $175,695,656
183A, MoPac, 45SW Construction: Maintenance The Levy Company, Inc. March 25, 2020 $1,653,216
System-wide Performance Based Maintenance Contract Construction: Maintenance DBi Services, LLC April 29, 2020 $50,426,072
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