This is an archived board meeting.
2017 Sep 06
9:00 AM - 11:30 AM

General Meeting of the Board of Directors September 6, 2017

  1. Agenda
  2. Welcome and opening remarks by the Chairman.
  3. Opportunity for public comment.
  4. Accept the financial statements for July 2017.
  5. Approve the procurement of construction engineering and inspection services for the Manor Expressway (290E) Phase III Project.
  6. Approve funding for general engineering consulting services to provide oversight for the Manor Expressway (290E) Project.
  7. Approve a change order with Colorado River Constructors and amendments to the Interlocal Agreement with the City of Austin for the funding, design and construction of City of Austin wastewater betterments at Little Walnut Creek on the Bergstrom Expressway (183 South) Project.
  8. Approve Supplement No. 2 to Work Authorization No. 13 with Kapsch TraffiCom for System Integration Services on the Bergstrom Expressway (183 South) Project.
  9. Approve the minutes from the July 26, 2017 Regular Board meeting.
  10. Add the Colorado River Scenic Byway to the Bergstrom Expressway (183 South) Project and authorize the Executive Director to obtain required funding through the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization and the Texas Department of Transportation.
  11. Approve Amendment Nos. 1 and 2 to the Central United States Interoperability Agreement.
  12. Approve Supplement No. 1 to Work Authorization No. 10 with Kapsch TraffiCom for System Integration Services on the MoPac Improvement Project.
  13. MoPac Improvement Project monthly report.
  14. Executive Director Board Report.
  15. Discuss legal issues related to claims by or against the Mobility Authority.
  16. Discuss legal issues relating to procurement and financing of Mobility Authority transportation projects.
  17. Discuss personnel matters.
  18. September 6, 2017 Board Meeting Board Book
  19. September 6, 2017 Board Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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