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  1. Agenda
  2. Welcome and opening remarks by the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors.
  3. Presentation of the Lowell H. Lebermann, Jr., Boardroom Plaque
  4. Opportunity for public comment.
  5. Discuss, consider, and take appropriate action to accept the Fiscal Year 2014 Audit Reports.
  6. Approve an amendment to existing work authorizations and authorize future work authorizations under the contract with CDM Smith Inc. for traffic and revenue studies on Mobility Authority toll projects.
  7. Approve an amendment to the advance funding agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation for a pilot program using real-time ridesharing technology.
  8. Approve a contract and work authorization with Rodriguez Transportation Group, Inc., for professional engineering design services for the SH 45 SW Project.
  9. Approve the minutes for the July 30, 2014, Regular Board Meeting.
  10. Approve the minutes for the September 24, 2014, Regular Board Meeting.
  11. Approve the financial statements for September 2014.
  12. Report the automatic toll rate escalation percentage to become effective January 1, 2015, and, if desired, approve a modified toll rate escalation percentage effective January 1, 2015.
  13. Award a contract for marketing services for the MoPac Express Lanes information campaign.
  14. Amend the Policy Code to recognize local presence as a consideration in certain procurements.
  15. Executive Session: Discuss legal issues related to legislation proposed to the 84th Texas Legislature that could affect the Mobility Authority or its operations, as authorized by §551.071 (Consultation With Attorney).
  16. Executive Session: Discuss legal issues related to claims by or against the Mobility Authority; pending or contemplated litigation and any related settlement offers; or other matters as authorized by §551.071 (Consultation With Attorney).
  17. Approve a legislative program for issues and proposals affecting the Mobility Authority in the 84th Texas Legislature.
  18. 16. Approve a proposed settlement agreement in Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority and the State of Texas v. Frederic Clarke Morse, III, et al., Cause No. C-1-CV-11-003526 to acquire by eminent domain Parcels 8 and 8E of the Manor Expry Toll Project
  19. Quarterly briefing on the MoPac Improvement Project.
  20. 18. Quarterly briefing on the following projects: Maha Loop/Elroy Road, 183/183A Intersection, Bergstrom Expressway, SH 71 Express, SH 45 SW, Oak Hill Parkway, MoPac South, MoPac Intersections, and 183 North.
  21. Executive Director's Report.
  22. Adjourn Meeting
  23. October 29, 2014 Large Board Book
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