This is an archived board meeting.

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  1. Agenda.
  2. Welcome and opening remarks by the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors.
  3. Opportunity for Public Comment.
  4. Approve the minutes for the December 18, 2013, Regular Board Meeting.
  5. Award a contract for crack sealing pavement on 183A.
  6. Approve a work authorization with Atkins North America, Inc., to provide general engineering consultant services for development of the Bergstrom Expressway project.
  7. Approve a work authorization with Telvent USA LLC relating to design, development, testing, and installation of a dynamic tolling system for the MoPac Improvement Project.
  8. Approve an amendment to the toll system implementation contract with Telvent USA LLC to extend the length of that contract and increase total compensation payable for services provided under the contract.
  9. Authorize the Executive Director to negotiate a proprietary purchase from Metropia, Inc., for software and a smartphone application to manage traffic congestion resulting from construction of the MoPac Improvement Project.
  10. Approve an expedited administrative change order approval process for use with the MoPac Improvement Project.
  11. Approve an amendment to the Investment Policy (Article 1, Chapter 2 of the Policy Code) following the annual review of that policy.
  12. Approve an updated list of financial institutions and brokers authorized to provide investment services to the Mobility Authority.
  13. Approve the financial statements for December, 2013.
  14. Quarterly Briefing on the MoPac Improvement Project.
  15. Quarterly Briefing on the Manor Expressway Project.
  16. Executive Director's report.
  17. Executive Session: Discuss legal issues related to claims by or against the Mobility Authority, pending or contemplated litigation and any related settlement offers; or other matters as authorized by §551.071 (Consultation With Attorney).
  18. Executive Session: Discuss personnel matters as authorized by §551.074 (Personnel Matters).
  19. Approve an agreement with Hill Country Constructors to close out the construction contract for 183A.
  20. Adjourn Meeting.
  21. Large Board Book for Download.
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