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  1. Agenda
  2. Welcome and opening remarks by the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors.
  3. Opportunity for Public Comment.
  4. Approve the minutes for the January 30, 2013
  5. Authorize the Executive Director to finalize and execute a design-build contract for the MoPac Improvement Project with the apparent best value respondent to the Mobility Authority's request for detailed proposals.
  6. Approve a new work authorization with Telvent USA Corporation to assist in the oversight of the design-build contractor's design for the toll system and toll-related network infrastructure for the MoPac Improvement Project.
  7. Authorize the issuance, sale, and delivery by the Mobility Authority of senior lien revenue refunding bonds, Series 2013, and subordinate lien revenue refunding bonds, Series 2013, in accordance with certain specified parameters.
  8. Designate an underwriting team for the proposed issuance, sale, and delivery of revenue refunding bonds.
  9. Waive certain Mobility Authority options under Chapter 373, Transportation Code, relating to development of a portion of SH 71 right-of-way in Travis County.
  10. Approve the resolution enacted by the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (CAMPO) relating to IH 35 Corridor improvements and requesting that the Texas Department of Transportation lead and coordinate those improvement efforts.
  11. Authorize filing three toll equity grant applications with the Texas Department of Transportation to provide financial assistance.
  12. Approve an amended work authorization with HNTB Corporation relating to the 183A Phase II Project.
  13. Authorize the Executive Director to execute a development agreement with Pecan Grove – SPVF L.P. and to advertise for bids to construct a right-turn lane on the 183A frontage road.
  14. Amend the Policy Code to adopt formal procedures and standards relating to direct access from abutting properties to Mobility Authority frontage roads.
  15. Approve an updated list of investment banking firms authorized to provide investment banking services to the Mobility Authority.
  16. Accept the monthly financial reports for January 2013.
  17. Adopt the Mobility Authority Annual Report for 2012.
  18. Executive Director's report.
  19. Executive Session: Discuss legal issues related to claims by or against the Mobility Authority, pending or contemplated litigation and any related settlement offers; or other matters as authorized by §551.071 (Consultation With Attorney).
  20. Executive Session: Discuss legal issues relating to procurement and financing of Mobility Authority transportation projects, as authorized by §551.071 (Consultation With Attorney).
  21. Executive Session: Discuss personnel matters as authorized by §551.074 (Personnel Matters).
  22. Adjourn Meeting.
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