This is an archived board meeting.
2023 Aug 16
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Meeting Recap

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General Meeting of the Board of Directors

  1. Agenda
  2. Welcome and opportunity for public comment.
  3. Welcome newly appointed Board Member.
  4. Approve the minutes from the June 26, 2023 Regular Board Meeting.
  5. Prohibit the operation of certain vehicles on Mobility Authority toll facilities pursuant to the Habitual Violator Program.
  6. Accept the unaudited financial statements for June 2023.
  7. Authorize reimbursement of financing expenditures for the 183A Added Capacity Project.
  8. Approve financial institutions qualified brokers authorized to provide investment services and engage in investment transactions with the Mobility Authority.
  9. Approve amendments to the investment policy and strategy section of the CTRMA Policy Code and designate the Finance Manager as an Investment Officer of the CTRMA.
  10. Discuss and consider approving an interlocal agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation for highway emergency response operation (HERO) services.
  11. Discuss and consider authorizing the Executive Director to issue work authorizations to Atkins North America, Inc. for the general engineering consulting and preliminary engineering services for the 183A Added Capacity Project.
  12. Quarterly project updates.
  13. Executive Director Report.
  14. EXECUTIVE SESSION: Discuss the sale, transfer, or exchange of one or more parcels or interests in real property owned by the Mobility Authority and related legal issues.
  15. EXECUTIVE SESSION: Discuss legal issues related to claims by or against the Mobility Authority; pending or contemplated litigation and any related settlement offers.
  16. EXECUTIVE SESSION: Discuss legal issues relating to procurement and financing of Mobility Authority transportation projects and toll system improvements.
  17. Discuss personnel matters.
  18. Adjourn meeting.
  19. August 16, 2023 Board Meeting Board Binder
  20. August 16, 2023 Board Meeting Presentation
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