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Community Partners

The Mobility Authority works closely with its colleague agencies, as well as local cities and counties to help implement regional transportation plans and build and operate projects that meet Central Texans' transportation needs. Our partners include:

United States Department of Transportation (USDOT)

The USDOT administers funding provided by the federal government for transportation projects in Texas and other states. The USDOT maintains oversight of federally funded transportation projects but does not actually design, construct or operate any transportation facilities or systems.


Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)

TxDOT uses federal funds combined with state gas tax revenue and other funding sources to implement the statewide transportation program. TxDOT oversees more than 100,000 lane miles of state roads and is responsible for most major transportation projects in the state including operation and maintenance of the interstate highway system.


Toll Operations Division (TOD)

TOD is a division within TxDOT charged with implementing a statewide, toll-based urban mobility program. TOD has developed an electronic toll-collection device known as TxTag, which can be used on toll roads throughout the state. TOD has been closely involved in development of the Central Texas Turnpike System, which includes SH 130, SH 45 North, SH 45 SE and Loop 1 North and is responsible for the collection of tolls on these roadways.


Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization

CAMPO is a federally mandated regional planning agency responsible for studying transportation trends, identifying long-range transportation needs and creating short and long range transportation plans, which ensure the region implements transportation improvements in a coordinated manner within established funding limits. The agency's Transportation Policy Board, comprised of state and local elected officials, both adopts the region's long-range transportation plan and authorizes the construction of projects needed to implement that plan. This includes projects by many different agencies, including the Mobility Authority, TxDOT and TTA, the cities and counties and Capital Metro and other transit providers.


Transit Agencies

Capital Metro is the main transit agency serving the Austin metro area, providing bus, vanpool and car pool coordination services. The agency recently implemented a commuter rail system that runs from downtown Austin to Leander. The agency plans to expand its commuter rail system in the future.

Transit services outside the Capital Metro service area are provided by the Capital Area Rural Transportation System (CARTS), which meets rural transportation needs throughout the Central Texas region. In addition, the Lone Star Rail District is working to develop a passenger rail service connecting the Austin-San Antonio metropolitan areas.


Local Government

Travis County, Williamson County and their cities are responsible for building and maintaining local roads including residential streets. Cities also have primary authority for regulating land use and development along transportation corridors. The Mobility Authority is working with local jurisdictions to ensure that new toll roads and lanes support economic development that is consistent with local growth management plans.


Travis County Cities


Williamson County Cities


Hays County Cities