It’s time to get you where you want to be, spending time doing the things you enjoy instead of staring at brake lights.

Here at the Mobility Authority, we like to think of ourselves as problem solvers. And Austin’s problem, simply put, is traffic. We burn the midnight oil trying to figure out the best way to move people and products around this region effectively and efficiently. We know your time is important and that you’d rather spend it with family, friends, or on the couch for a Netflix binge. And that’s what we want, too.

We are a small team of dedicated professionals that take mobility seriously. We live in Central Texas and drive the roads, ride and walk the shared use paths and take the bus. We love this region and want to preserve and improve all the things that make it so great. That’s why we geek out about everything transportation-related. From small things, like how tall to make roadway signs for optimal viewing, to big things, like how to make environmentally sustainable roads – we research, discuss, plan and obsess over it all.

We recently did extensive research on how transportation impacts quality of life and found the two are linked more closely than you might think. It’s our job to connect you to everything you love about this city, and we’re excited to tell you more about how we’re building new ways for you to get to your destination. 


Local legend, Neal Spelce, discusses the past, present, and future of our life in Central Texas with experts in a variety of fields in our new podcast, Time Well Spent with Neal Spelce. Take a listen.

Are you a ride-share enthusiast? Public transit guru? Take our quiz to find out!

We’re passionate about our mission to bring you innovative transportation solutions. Sometimes, a little more than necessary. We live in and love Central Texas, so, what drives you, drives us.
We connect you to the people and places that you love. Watch Chet Garner, the Daytripper, travel on our roads for the ultimate Central Texas road trips!
Check out our new infographic on how transportation impacts your quality of life.
  1. Quality of Life Infographic

It’s Time to Get Moving

At the Mobility Authority, we build more than just roads; we build mobility solutions that help preserve and protect our quality of life. We are committed to moving you through traffic as safely and efficiently as possible, because we know there are other things you’d prefer to do with your time.

We have transportation options on the ground already with tolled lanes along 183A, US 290 and SH 71, as well as one express lane on MoPac North. And yes, we’re working tirelessly all across the city to complete projects that will connect you to everything you love.  And we’re just getting started.

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