290/130 Flyovers

Constructing flyovers at the interchange of 290 Toll and TxDOT's SH 130 Toll in east Austin to provide a safe and efficient connection between the two facilities


After the Mobility Authority opened 290 Toll in 2014, the number of commuters that recognized the convenience of the new roadway surpassed our projections. This high demand led to traffic congestion at the intersection of 290 Toll and SH 130 (a TxDOT-operated toll road).

Without a safe and efficient link between the two roadways, mobility and safety are compromised during the morning rush hour for southbound SH 130 drivers trying to head westbound on 290 Toll.


The Mobility Authority is constructing three "flyovers," to bridge the two toll facilities together. This will give drivers a safe and efficient, free-flowing direct connection and free up capacity at the frontage road intersection for drivers who prefer the non-tolled option. One flyover already exists from eastbound US 290 to northbound Sh 130. Building three additional flyovers is essential to achieving greater mobility.

The flyovers are being designed and constructed by the Mobility Authority. TxDOT is financing construction of the flyover between Eastbound 290 Toll and Southbound SH 130, which will be non-tolled.* The Mobility Authority is financing construction of the flyovers from Northbound and Southbound SH 130 to Westbound 290 Toll, which will be tolled connections. A flyover already exists to link Eastbound 290 Toll to Northbound SH 130, which will remain non-tolled. All other movements will use the existing frontage road intersections.

The toll rate for drivers choosing the direct connector bridges has not yet been determined.

*The flyover from Eastbound 290 Toll to Southbound SH 130 Toll will be non-tolled as TxDOT determined that there was enough toll revenue in the Central Texas Turnpike System to fund the flyover that will connect drivers to a TxDOT-owned toll road (SH 130 Toll).



The Mobility Authority completed construction of an interim intersection improvement project in 2016 to address the safety and mobility challenges at the frontage road intersection of the two facilities. High demand was causing long wait times and compromised safety for rush hour drivers on Southbound SH 130 trying to access the 290 Toll on-ramp into Austin. This widening project was a short-term fix for congestion relief. The new flyovers will bring long term relief for the future.

Final Geometric Layout

Environmental Documentation

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