CTX Navigators

CTX Navigators is the Mobility Authority’s survey and mystery driver program.

You already have opinions, why keep them to yourself? Tell us what you think and earn the chance to win gift cards. Register to become a CTX Navigator today.

What is it?

CTX Navigators is a two-part survey platform that allows you, as the driver, to share your input and opinions with the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority.

  • Surveys: The Mobility Authority will randomly send out surveys about any number of things, including our facilities, marketing materials, signage, etc. These will typically be short surveys and may or not be paid (via gift card). Participating in the surveys can help increase your chances of being selected as a Mystery Driver.
  • Mystery Driver: Navigators will be randomly selected to take notes about their normal driving activities for a month. Follow the instructions and log your notes into the platform. Help make commutes better and get a $20 gift card – win-win! 

Interested? Fill out the form on this link and get started.

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