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Scope of Work Aguirre & Fields, LP solves complex infrastructure problems for cities, counties, and public agencies. We can meet the particular needs of clients coping with growth, as well as mature municipalities and state agencies needing to maintain their facilities within operating budgets. We take a hands-on approach to the work we perform, assuming personal responsibility for the project’s success. Ownership of the project is crucial to delivering what our clients expect from us. Aguirre & Fields is an engineering firm specializing in structural and civil engineering services for transportation and municipal projects, including highways, bridges, water and wastewater structures, and individual building sites. Our engineers focus on providing solutions that are sustainable and economical, with a goal of designing public infrastructure to last for generations, and we have a proven history of completing projects on time and within the established budget. Aguirre & Fields is the designer of record on over 250 bridges. After 18 years in practice, we have established a quality reputation and a level of trust that is unprecedented. Aguirre & Fields has designed timber, concrete, steel, prestressed beam, prestressed box beam, pan girder, steel plate girder, and post-tension concrete bridges as well as several major steel railroad bridges, grade separations, direct connectors, through-girders, pedestrian, and utility bridges. Our team of structural engineers has extensive experience in the design of retaining walls, including MSE, cast-in-place cantilever, sheet pile, tie-back, drilled shaft, rock dowels and soil nailed. The complement to our structural services and a backbone of Aguirre & Fields are our roadway engineering capabilities. We have a solid repertoire of roadway design projects, ranging from rural roads to urban freeways. Although we are considered a small company, our transportation division is comparable in skill and capacity to many older and more sizeable firms. Additionally, over 60% of our staff is composed of Professional Engineers and EITs, making us capable of any size project. In addition to our broad design experience, Aguirre & Fields provides a full suite of Construction Services for transportation infrastructure projects. Our clients appreciate our knowledgeable and professional staff that works tirelessly to protect their interests as well as those of their stakeholders. Aguirre & Fields has an established Quality Assurance/Quality Control Program to ensure that we produce quality designs to the satisfaction of our clients and to the traveling public. Our program is simple to follow, with color-coding, and is anchored in our design schedules. We universally apply this program to our sub-consultants for all projects. At 30%-60%-90% and final submittals, plans are reviewed by the QA/QC Manager, a Senior Engineer/PM not associated with the project. Aguirre & Fields goes the extra mile by having our CE&I team perform constructability reviews at the beginning of the project and again at 60%. This review most often eliminates issues that clients may not see until construction is underway. Most firms do not have this capability. Finally, Aguirre & Fields stays on the cutting edge of technology. Our transportation team utilizes the latest technology, including 3D Civil/Transportation/Bridge Information Modeling (OpenRoads/OpenBridge) for design and for checking geometry for additional QA/QC review.
Years Experience 18
Certifications DBE, MBE, HUB
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