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Other Staff Members

Jay Ashton

Data Platform System & Transaction Operations Manager
Cory Beran

Senior Accountant
Cory Bluhm

Assistant Director of IT and Toll Systems
Laura Bohl

Administrative Assistant
Fabiola Bowers

Traffic & Incident Management Manager
Tracie Brown

Director of Operations
David Effrein

Finance Manager
Emily Gauci

Communications Specialist
Josephina Ibarra

Contract Manager
John Jones

Assistant Director of Engineering - Maintenance
Jori Liu

Director of Communications
Elizabeth Lopez

Senior Toll Operations Specialist
Greg Mack

Director of IT & Toll Systems
Norma Martinez

Toll Operations Manager
Priscilla Nicholson

Accounts Payable Specialist
Chad Nutt

Area Maintenance Manager
Natasha Parra

Senior Executive Administrative Assistant
Lisa Pohlmeyer

Senior Project Manager – Asset Management
Mike Sexton

Director of Engineering
Sylvia Shelton

Assistant Director of Communications
Oscar Solis

Assistant Director of Engineering - Project Development
Tara Tibbs

Toll Operations Specialist
Charles Vaughn

Area Maintenance Manager
Juan de Dios Villarreal, Jr., P.E.

Assistant Director of Engineering - Construction
Joe Williams

Traffic & Incident Supervisor
Ann Zigmond

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