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Other Staff Members

Mike Heiligenstein

Executive Director
Jeff Dailey

Deputy Executive Director
Robert Goode

Deputy Executive Director
Bill Chapman

Chief Financial Officer
Geoff Petrov

General Counsel
Billy Blackman

Toll Operations Manager
Laura Bohl

Administrative Assistant
Brian Booth

Roadway / Facility Maintenance Specialist
Tracie Brown

Director of Operations
Lloyd Chance

Senior Project Manager – Construction
David Effrein

Budget Manager
Jori Hayter

Marketing & Communications
Dee Anne Heath

Director of External Affairs, Media Relations
Josephina Ibarra

Legal Assistant
John Jones

Roadway / Facility Maintenance Manager
Greg Mack

Assistant Director of IT and Toll Systems
Norma Martinez

Toll Operations Specialist
Deborah Melba

Executive Assistant
Fabiola Newman

Traffic & Incident Management Manager
Natasha Parra

Senior Administrative Assistant
Lisa Pohlmeyer

Senior Project Manager – Asset Management
Steve Pustelnyk

Director of Community Relations
Mike Sexton

Assistant Director of Engineering
Sylvia Shelton

Communications Manager
Oscar Solis

Senior Project Manager
Mary Temple

Justin Word

Director of Engineering
Mia Zmud

Mobility Innovation Manager
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