Use this directory to contact individual staff members or send a general inquiry to the Mobility Authority.

All correspondence with the Mobility Authority is subject to the Texas Public Information Act and will be retained by the agency in accordance with the requirements of the Act. All correspondence is routed through the Communications Department and will be forwarded to the appropriate individual.

James M. Bass

Executive Director
Dee Anne Vickery

Chief of Staff
Jose Hernandez

Chief Financial Officer
Geoff Petrov

General Counsel
Jay Ashton

Data Platform System & Transaction Operations Manager
Cory Beran

Senior Accountant
Cory Bluhm

Assistant Director of IT and Toll Systems
Laura Bohl

Administrative Assistant
Fabiola Bowers

Traffic & Incident Management Manager
Tracie Brown

Director of Operations
David Effrein

Finance Manager
Emily Gauci

Communications Specialist
Josephina Ibarra

Contract Manager
John Jones

Assistant Director of Engineering - Maintenance
Jori Liu

Director of Communications
Elizabeth Lopez

Senior Toll Operations Specialist
Greg Mack

Director of Information Technology
Norma Martinez

Toll Operations Manager
Priscilla Nicholson

Accounts Payable Specialist
Chad Nutt

Area Maintenance Manager
Natasha Parra

Senior Administrative Assistant
Lisa Pohlmeyer

Senior Project Manager – Asset Management
Mike Sexton

Director of Engineering
Sylvia Shelton

Assistant Director of Communications
Oscar Solis

Assistant Director of Engineering - Project Development
Tara Tibbs

Toll Operations Specialist
Charles Vaughn

Area Maintenance Manager
Juan de Dios Villarreal, Jr., P.E.

Assistant Director of Engineering - Construction
Joe Williams

Traffic & Incident Supervisor
Ann Zigmond

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