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The new MoPac Express Lanes bring the promise of a more reliable journey through this busy/bustling corridor. They use a variable tolling system that raises the toll when traffic is heavy and lowers it when traffic is light. It's advanced technology we're excited to implement in our high tech town. To see how it works, take our test drive. Shotgun!

What is an express lane?An Express Lane is a separate tolled lane intended to get public buses, van pools, emergency vehicles and individual drivers to their destination without delay. To keep traffic moving a variable toll is used to manage traffic and prevent congestion. What is varaible tolling?Variable tolling involves raising the toll when traffic is heavy and lowering the toll when traffic is light. It's technology that's been proven to keep traffic moving, even when other lanes are congested. Who is building the mopac tollway?The MoPac Improvement Project is being implemented by the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, a government agency. The Mobility Authority is working in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation. The Mobility Authority has contracted CH2M Hill to design and construct the new lanes and to build other enhancements along the way. Where do I get on the MoPac express lane?You can enter or exit the Express Lanes at three locations, near Cesar Chavez Street, between Far West Boulevard and RM 2222 and near Parmer Lane. What's in it for me?When you have an important meeting, event or activity and you absolutely can't be late, you'll have the peace of mind of knowing there is a way to get there without delay. What's in it for Austin?The Express Lanes will be a boon to high capacity transit service by providing express bus riders and vanpool users with a fast, congestion free route to their destination. Congestion will be reduced in the non-tolled lanes and toll revenue will be used to fund other mobility improvements in Central Texas. Cyclists and pedestrians will enjoy expanded trails and sidewalks and numerous safety improvements. Nearby residents will benefit from reduced noise thanks to sound walls.