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Those looking to bypass traffic congestion have a choice to use the 290 Toll lanes. Drivers who prefer not to pay a toll can still use the improved non-tolled frontage lanes. 

The 290 Toll is a 6.2-mile toll road in northeast Austin between US 183 and the city of Manor. It is operated by the Mobility Authority which opened the first phase of the road in 2012 with direct-connector ramps to US 183 and a 1.5-mile segment of the toll road. The 12-lane roadway includes three tolled lanes and three non-tolled frontage lanes in each direction. It also includes a parallel 10-foot-wide, 6-mile shared use path for pedestrians and bicycle travel and recreation.

When the final phase of the project opened in May of 2014, it tripled the previous capacity of US 290 East between US 183 and SH 130. Since opening to traffic, the roadway has exceeded traffic and revenue projections and created economic development opportunities along the corridor.

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Coming Soon: New Safety and Operational Improvements to 290 Toll at SH 130

The number of commuters that recognized the convenience of 290 Toll surpassed our projections. And while it’s great that Central Texas commuters are embracing the option to bypass congestion, mobility and safety are compromised during the morning rush hour for southbound SH 130 drivers trying to head westbound on 290 Toll.

To address this issue, we began construction of interim safety and mobility improvements in 2016, while more plans for a permanent direct connector between the roadways are developed and funding sources are identified. For more information on this project, visit the project webpage.


The 290 Toll is a modern all-electronic toll road, meaning drivers don’t have to stop – or even slow down – to pay their tolls. Instead of traditional cash booths. drivers can pay their tolls using a TxTag, EZ TAG or TollTag account. Drivers with a tag account get a 25% discount. 

If you don’t have a tag, you can just keep moving and we’ll bill you through a video-based tolling program known as Pay By Mail. Pay By Mail customers are billed using a picture of their license plate with a $1.00 processing fee per bill. Pay By Mail is available on all toll roads in Central Texas, although you may receive separate bills depending on which agency operates the road you travel on.

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2016 Toll Rates and Plaza Locations

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290 Toll Rates



Project History and Funding

The 290 Toll, or Manor Expressway project, was built in two phases. Federal stimulus funding was allocated to help complete Phase 1 of the project, a flyover interchange between US 183 and the 290 Toll. As a result, the Mobility Authority prioritized construction of these interchanges, as well as right-of-way acquisition and utility relocation on a 1.5-mile stretch of the 290 Toll Road between US 183 and Chimney Hill Blvd. to ensure the new flyovers could operate efficiently. Phase 1 opened to traffic in late 2012. This first phase of the 290 Toll was initially funded using a combination of federal stimulus funding, a State Infrastructure Bank loan and a Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act loan.

$306 million in senior lien revenue bonds and $70 million in subordinate lien revenue bonds were sold to finance the remainder of Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the project from Chimney Hill Blvd. to east of Parmer Lane. Construction on Phase 2 began in 2011 and was completed in May 2014.

Total Construction Cost: $426 million


  • Traffic Study: Manor Expressway Toll Road Project Investment Grade Traffic and Toll Revenue Study Report


Project Location

Shared Use Path:

The 290 Toll features a 10 foot wide, 6.2 mile shared use path for bicycle and pedestrian travel and recreation.



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