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  US 290/SH 130 Intersection Improvements


After the Mobility Authority opened the 290 Toll Road in 2014, the number of commuters that recognized the convenience of the new roadway surpassed our projections. This high demand led to traffic congestion at the intersection of 290 Toll and SH 130 (a TxDOT-operated toll road).


The optimum solution is one that addresses the underlying problem: the need to provide a safe and efficient link from SH 130 to 290 Toll. Plans are in development to construct three direct connector bridges between the SH 130 and 290 Toll facilities. These bridges will give drivers a free-flowing direct connection and free up capacity on the frontage road intersection underneath the toll facilities.

The Mobility Authority is working to develop plans and identify funding for the construction of these bridges.

To download a fact sheet on this project, click here


In order to expedite relief for commuters while long-term plans were in the development stages, the Mobility Authority completed interim improvements at this intersection. The high demand for 290 Toll compromised mobility and safety during the morning rush hour for southbound SH 130 drivers trying to head westbound on 290 Toll. Drivers began experiencing long wait times at the traffic lights at that intersection, and those traveling southbound on SH 130 who were trying to get to the 290 Toll on-ramp to head into Austin were forced to compete with through traffic on the US 290 frontage roads, compromising safety.

Interim Improvements Completed in September 2016

The Mobility Authority completed construction of an interim intersection improvement project in 2016 to address the safety and mobility challenges at that intersection. Improvements include:

  •  Addition of a barrier along the dedicated right turn lane near this intersection from the southbound SH 130 frontage road that leads directly to the westbound 290 East Toll frontage road. The barrier protects drivers from an unsafe weaving condition caused by heavy traffic on the frontage road.
  • Widening of the westbound frontage road onramp to 290 Toll from one lane to two lanes.
  • Widening of the southbound SH 130 frontage road at the intersection with US 290, so that two lanes are able to turn right onto the westbound 290 Toll frontage roads.





Now that the interim project is complete, southbound SH 130 drivers wishing to enter the westbound 290 Toll Road are now able to accomplish this in the following two options:


Take the SH 130 southbound frontage road to the US 290 East westbound frontage road. Then, take one of the two right-turn lanes to the US 290 East westbound frontage road. While driving on the frontage road, merge left and take the two-lane on-ramp to access the westbound 290 Toll Road.


Take the SH 130 southbound frontage road. Then, take the existing dedicated right-turn lane that is located just north of the intersection of SH 130 and US 290 frontage roads. This dedicated right-turn lane is now separated from the US 290 westbound frontage road with a raised median to prevent access to the nearby 290 Toll westbound on-ramp and protect drivers from the unsafe weaving condition often occurring during peak hour traffic on the frontage road. Drivers can continue on the US 290 frontage road and take the on-ramp to 290 Toll past the Harris Branch Parkway intersection. This route will take approximately as long as waiting at the signal at SH 130 and US 290.